The Nooking, Haxey, Doncaster, DN9 2JQ

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Church of England Primary School


Meet the Staff

Head Teacher


Deputy Head Teacher/Class Teacher (FS2)

Class Teacher (Y6)/Senior Leader

Class Teacher (Y5)

Class Teacher (Y4)

Class Teacher (Y3)

Class Teacher (Y2)

Class Teacher (Y1)


Peripatetic Teacher (Guitar)


Early Years Practitioner


Teaching Assistants









Learning Development Mentor


Senior Mid-day Supervisor


Mid-day Supervisor




Business Manager


Admin Assistant





School Cook


Kitchen Assistant/Cleaner


Kitchen Assistant

Mrs J Buckle


Mrs S Kelly

Mrs E McKay

Mrs A Cottanceau

Mrs N White

Mrs L Coley

Mrs N Lewin

Mrs J Murray/Mrs E Jenman


Mr S Levoguer


Miss G Harrison


Mrs E Addlesee

Mrs M Harris

Mrs R Hather

Mrs D Kirwan

Mrs L May

Mrs A Murray

Mrs L Raywood

Mrs K Stringer


Mrs M Harris


Ms D Kirwan


Mrs R Hather

Mrs L May

Mrs M Harris


Mrs L Hutchinson


Mrs C Wilmot

Mrs G Kynman


Mr A McLeod


Mrs T Salisbury


Mrs W Syddall


Mrs J Pashley